Valentina Ortiz

"A prominent storyteller in Mexico and the world, she is a peerless ambassador for our country´s oral tradition as she tells her stories in English, Spanish and French. In 2015, NAO selected Valentina Ortiz as the recipient of our Cenzontle award for her methodology of community healing stories."
Beatriz E. Falero y Martínez, CEO Na-rradores Orales de Santa Catarina.

"From the moment Valentina takes the stage, you take notice! She is vibrant, joyful and engaging. Her stories, her intent, her connection to and love of her Mexican cultures shine; she takes you to times and places that are both far away and very close."
Robin Bady, storyteller, arts educator, curator of the BadyHouse Storytelling Con-cert, NSN 2012 Emerging Artist Award.

"Valentina knows how to bring an indigenous story alive with joy and meaning for all audiences. Totally entrancing, her tales are supported by drums and songs as she introduces audiences to the poetic beauty of a world of spirit, power and compassion."
Laura Simms, storyteller and author. CHOICE award, Sesame Street SUNNY DAYS Award, NSN Life Time Achievement Award.

"She is the joyous embodiment of the stories she tells."
Loren Niemi, storyteller and author, Bush Foundation Leadership Fellow, NSN Life Time Achievement Award.

Recent Events

Worldwide Virtual Storytelling Conference,
May 2020, India.
Storytellers from 4 continents shared their stories for 24 hours.

Radio Esperanza
March-June 2020, Mexico.
Valentina has shared her radio transmission for 50 days
as part of her “one story a day keeps the virus away” campaign.

Museum of the Palace of the School of Medicine,
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM),
April 2020
Valentina was commissioned to write and present three
stories about the Inquisition in Mexico.

Mexico-USA 2019 tour, En el Camino: Stories of Love and Migration.
Valentina presented her one hour show in different venues of Washington D.C.,
Chicago, New York City and in the state of Illinois,
including a show at the Provincetown Playhouse, New York University.

Mishki-Shimi, 2019:
International Festival of Patrimonial Storytelling, Ecuador.
Valentina showed her stories in schools and
theaters in the city of Quito and Cuenca for 20 days.

National Storytelling Network
Connected: Virtual Storytelling Conference & Festival

May 30 – June 7, USA



Stories and songs about the Magdalena River, Valentina Ortiz put these together after working with the caretakers of the Dinamo forest in Mexico. It is a playful production, with a serious message: we need to take care of trees and water.


Based on Mexico´s ancient indigenous knowledge, Valentina wrote three stories that honor Love and Mother Earth. The sounds of prehispanic type instruments weave around her voice as she sings and speaks the words of tradition in English and in Mexican indigenous languages.


Revestidos con los sonidos de instrumentos prehispánicos, Valentina entrega tres cuentos de su autoría donde honra la tradición indígena mexicana. Es una producción hermosa que invita a la introspección con olor a hierbas y sabor a maíz tierno.


Short stories combine with original salsa songs about women and the night life of Mexico City. It was created with the women of Casa Xochiquetzal, an asylum for elder sex workers, and it was recorded by the best of the Mexican salsa world.